Cavaliers League

  • Available in both North Canterbury and Country South
  • 8-aside
  • Played Tuesday evenings (twilight), 5.30pm start
  • T18 format (18 overs per innings)
  • Grace period of 3 balls (can’t get out in first 3 balls), 5 runs to opposition team if you get out within your grace period
  • Last man stands
  • 5 week long competition, starting Tues 2nd March, finishing Tues 30th March
  • Teams encouraged to be mixed with Saturday (super league) players and some non-Saturday players
  • Max 3 overs per bowler per innings
  • Retirements at 30 runs or 20 balls, whatever comes first (retired batters can return once all other batters have batted)
  • 20 meter pitches, 50 meter boundaries
  • Max 8-ball overs
  • Wides/No-balls are worth 2 runs
  • Open to all year 9, 10 and 11 students.
  • 156 gram red two piece balls will be used (used balls can be used, don’t need a new ball each game)
  • Boys and girls are welcome to play in this grade
  • Players who attend High Schools in Christchurch are able to play in this competition

Players can register for the Cavaliers League as individuals here -

Teams can register for the Cavaliers League as part of a club or school here -